17. Anthracene

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16. Flexible Molecular Crystals

林 正太郎​

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15. Flexible Molecular Crystals

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14. Flexible Organic Crystals

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13. Flexible Organic Crystals

Shotaro Hayashi*

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     Selected as 2020 Editor's Choice Article

12. Flexible Organic Crystals

林 正太郎​*

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11. Flexible Organic Crystals

林 正太郎​*


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10. Flexible Organic Crystals

Shotaro Hayashi​*

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9. Polycondensation

林 正太郎, 小泉 俊雄

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8. Polycondensation

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7. Polycondensation

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6. Flexible Organic Crystals

Shotaro Hayashi

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5. Network Polymers

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4. Polycondensation

林 正太郎*


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3. Flexible Organic Crystals

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2. Flexible Organic Crystals

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1. Electeroorganic Synthesis

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